Sunday, February 20, 2005

Our Unnecessary Insecurity

How the government has failed to take real steps to protect Americans for fear of pissing off wealthy supporters and political allies, and what needs to be done, urgently.


Blogger TRES CEE said...

the federal government is laid low by the desire to posture by those who oppose george bush, the reason, whenever plans to protect us or to establish a way of doing so, there is great opportunity to find and use information which can be found which may destroy george bush.
George Bush came in to presidency against th wishes of the Corporate Powers in North East U.S. and in California.

You can see this when ever News Media Largely Owned by Corporate Corporation Holders mainly in North Eastern u.S. batter in concerted actions with Democrats in North Eastern U.S.

NOw if you look at the way they operate you see, first they call for Congressional Investigation, if they find fault with Clinton Admin, the Fault is not concentrated on but is mentioned.

Bush faults however are amplified and repeatedly commented on by News Media Network Broadcasters like Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw, and NBC and CBS are owned by General Electric, LOcated in Massachussetts, and CBS is WEstinghouse, Corporation, where it is Home Base I do not know but it is pro Democrat all the time.

Now, if Democrat says something sometimes Republicans same area will say something, but most times, ignored or small oppostition, this way they seem for Bush but never accused of adultery, and favored for Speaker of House and Senate Majority Leader, over Robert Livingston and Trent Lott, and Newt Gingrich and all were accused of some adultery or other problem, probably because of Possession of FBI files in Clinton Whitehouse, re: MOynihan now become religious and HIllary has his Senate Seat, so Take Notice, facts are relevant I believe, although not affirmed in news, hinted at.

Now back to posturing and investigation problems on bush, or no, critisize bush for problem or man chosen for position established almost always establish new Secretary in Cabinet, someone else to gather more power for future president incase they make it to the presidency and someone new to critisize and tear down instead of build up a presidency, what is bad for southern Republican PResident is good for Business in North East.

NOw, no finding on bush problem, it is delaying progress and success for Bush, it provides way to demand input, scratch my back Bush and I will Scratch yours, get a Democrat in a Republican WhiteHouse, why they will tell the Rest what is going on, why they want another way to attack Bush and get their Man in Next Election go round, that is the name of tbe Game, its Trojans inside the Horse inside the City walls, and its hit the Republicans from the South while they are down and keep em down, and the Soldiers, the Citizens and everything Else be Damned cause what really matters is the Presidency for the North East who largely owns the Media, contractual obligations to local Outlets, liability laws, copywrights, etc,,,,,, and regional Profit for Media Corporate Holder Corporations, re: massachussettsa and others,

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