Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Like the writer of this article on lefty humor, The Court Fool is a fan of the left-side links at The Angry Arab News Service.

There's no better place to get an alternative view of the Arab news, with a bonus side of Chicken McNuggets trivia and Mother Teresa miracle news. Even when the Fool doesn't agree with the Angry Arab, the Fool often laughs. (I am much more pro-Israel than the Angry Arab. Even though I often disagree with the Israeli government and its policies and believe the Palestinains have a LOT of legitimate issues, I feel Israel has a right -- a need -- to exist.)

I would have to disagree with the East Bay Express writer's assertion that left-leaning blogs aren't funny.Has the writer not read this, an Orwellian fairy tale about sweet woodland (and sea) creatures in Bushworld? No other site so perfectly matches the absurdity of the, ahem, real world.

And don't mess with with the witty woman at Mousewords, who today is taking her rapier to anti-feminist comments by another woman. Or try this site for a laugh, or this, or any of the Fool's right side links, carefully chosen for wit as well as acuity of analysis.

And Whitehouse.org takes no prisoners. You'll laugh, you'll cry.


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