Monday, March 07, 2005

More on Sgrena Incident

From The New York Times.

And, via A Logical Voice, a story from The Guardian.

I wonder if we will ever know the truth about this one. The truth is there, but how will we recognize it? It's a war zone, people are tense and accidents happen. Italy purportedly did not inform American authorities that Sgrena had been released (but then, shouldn't the CIA be on these things?) I don't think most indivdual soldiers would target journalists, which is how the Bush administration likes to spin any questions about the war, as an attack on all the troops, all those young people who are risking and often losing their lives, ostensibly on our behalf. There may well be a few doctrinaire, hardcore nuts and sadists who might target them but, as with Abu Ghraib, the truly guilty parties would probably be higher up the food chain.

There have been so many very suspicious killings of journalists in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Sgrena was a beloved reporter and an antagonist of Bush and Berlusconi policies. A mystery writer said to me recently, about the unrelated murder of a friend, "if you want to commit the perfect murder, do it in a war zone."


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