Thursday, March 10, 2005

Wesley Clark in 2008?

Dogfight suggests Wesley Clark should make a run again in 2008, and the people should draft him if necessary. Others concur. The Court Fool’s roommate says, “He’s the closest thing to Atticus Finch we have in American politics.” In other words, a real man.


Blogger Shakespeare's Sister said...

Court Fool - I've never been a massive Wesley Clark fan, but I'm intrigued by your notion that he's the closest thing to Atticus Finch. Would you, if you have any interest in doing so, lay out your pro-Clark argument in a post? I've never read a really impassioned endorsement of Clark that swayed me (mostly it was, "He was a General!"), but I sure would like to. :)

(If you do, fire me an email, will you?, to make sure I don't miss it!)

2:14 PM  

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