Saturday, August 27, 2005

Those Nutty Feminists

Wow. Who knew the right wing was so full of concern about the civil rights of women. This women's libber says:
Those who think this war is not worth fighting chose to ignore the fate of hundreds of millions of Muslim women. Shame on them.

More of those noble feminists here.

Says a friend in Canada:
The latest draft of the Iraqi constitution is going to set women's rights back decades. I know you'll want to get on that bandwagon right quick, being women's libbers and all. Those of us who have been fighting for women's rights at home and abroad OUR WHOLE DAMNED LIVES welcome you to the cause. Please supply an accurate email address so we can send you information about more women's issues that we're fighting for.
(Better watch out, Pat Robertson says feminism will turn you to witchcraft!)
The last time this many clowns jumped into the little feminist car was just before the bombing of Afghanistan. Even Dick Cheney turned out to be a supporter of the sisterhood. IIRC, just after that bombing,the administration tried to roll back the already meager provisions for women seeking refugee status because of gender persecution, like being at risk of execution for the crime of being raped. And the situation for women in most of Afghanistan is as bad now as it was under the Taliban, though at least in Afghanistan we went in with most of that country, and the world, on our side, unlike Iraq.


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