Friday, September 02, 2005

Many People Saw it Coming

... but the nation's leaders didn't listen. As far back as 2001, pre-9/11, FEMA warned a hurricane hitting New Orleans was one of three catastrophes the U.S. was at risk of seeing in the foreseeable future (they also warned of a terrorist attack in New York).

When are our leaders going to start listening to the smart people, instead of those who tell them what they want to hear, which neatly fits into their preconceived agenda?

This horribly prescient article comes from National Geographic, October 2004. What's to blame for the New Orleans disaster, aside from mother nature? According to this, global warming, careless petroleum exploration, and an Iraq war that diverted funds from needed infrastructure projects.

After the fact, one would have to add to that list troops and guardsmen being diverted for the Iraq war and government bungling/criminal negligence in not preparing for this disaster.

That Bush tax cut, which went mainly to wealthy Americans, probably wasn't a very good idea either.


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